Boyds Bears Resin U B LOOKINGOOD Resin Bearstone 228528

$ 31.98

Item #: 9621


Boyds Bears Resin U B Lookingood Figurine

Height: 3.25 Inches
Material: Resin
Type: Figurine
Brand: Boyds Bears Resin
Item Number: Boyds Bears Resin 228528
Catalog ID: 9621

New In Box. Bearstone Collection. 2008 Introduction. U.B. has discovered a brand new bear inside her mirror. Her cheval mirror's slim design has helped her shed those last few pounds from last winter, even if only for a moment! Back of mirror reads "I never met a skinny mirror I didn't like!" Limited edition collectible. Boyds Bears hand painted, cast resin figurines are sculptural interpretations of Boyds plush bears.