Boyds Bears Plush BRITTANYS ACCESSORY SET Fabric Accessory Sunflowers 904776

$ 34.98

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Boyds Bears Plush Brittanys Accessory Set Handbag Accessory

Size: 4.5 Inches
Material: Fabric
Type: Handbag Accessory
Brand: Boyds Bears Plush
Item Number: Boyds Bears Plush 904776
Catalog ID: 8322

New. Home Collection. 2008 Introduction. Retired. No Boydes Hang Tag. Three Piece Accessory Set Includes A Wallet, Eyeglass Case And Make-Up Pouch In A Vibrant Sunflower Fabric With Scroll Accents.. Measures: 4.5 In. H X 6.5 In. W X .25 In. D.