Boyds Bears Plush STAR QUILTED PILLOW Fabric Americana Home Decor 811315 RFB

$ 24.98

Item #: 6284


Boyds Bears Plush Star Quilted Pillow Patriotic Accent Pillow

Height: 9.5 Inches
Material: Fabric & Plush
Type: Patriotic Accent Pillow
Brand: Boyds Bears Plush
Item Number: Boyds Bears Plush 811315 RFB
Catalog ID: 6284

New With Hangtag. Home Collection. Retired. Bring Home All The Warmth And Coziness Of An Antique Patchwork Quilt. Pure Cotton Loop, Just Like On Grandma's Heirloom Bedspread, Blends With Classic Indigo Denim, Colorful Plaid And Rich Red W