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Boyds Bears Resin MURPHYS MILL & BAKERY Resin Boydsenbeary Acres 1E 19044

$ 34.98

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Boyds Bears Resin Murphys Mill & Bakery Figurine

Height: 4 Inches
Material: Resin
Type: Figurine
Brand: Boyds Bears Resin
Item Number: Boyds Bears Resin 19044
Catalog ID: 4052

New, NO Box. Boydsenbeary Acres. 2001 Introduction. Building #2. Retired. Resin Structure With Faux Clapboard For The Roof, Brick For The Smokestack, And Limestone For The Walkways And Siding.. Limited edition collectible. Boyds Bears hand painted, cast resin figurines are sculptural interpretations of Boyds plush bears.