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Boyds Bears Resin JONATHAN C TOOTSENWHISTLE Resin Patriotic Bearstone 227806


$ 34.98

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Boyds Bears Resin Jonathan C Tootsenwhistle Figurine

Height: 5 Inches
Material: Resin
Type: Figurine
Brand: Boyds Bears Resin
Item Number: Boyds Bears Resin 227806
Catalog ID: 2779

New In Box. Bearstone Collection. 2000 Introduction. Limited Edition. Retired. This Bear Is A One Man Marching Band. He Is Playing A Drum, Banjo, Cymbols, Bells And Anything Else He Can Carry On His Person. Little Mouse Marches Limited edition collectible. Boyds Bears hand painted, cast resin figurines are sculptural interpretations of Boyds plush bears.