Boyds Bears Resin MYRON R FISHMEISTER ANGEL Resin Folkstone 28247 RFB

$ 34.98

Item #: 2504


Boyds Bears Resin Myron R Fishmeister Angel Figurine

Height: 7.25 Inches
Material: Resin
Type: Figurine
Brand: Boyds Bears Resin
Item Number: Boyds Bears Resin 28247 RFB
Catalog ID: 2504

Myron R Fishmeister Angel Of Fish Stories. New In Box. Folkstone Collection. 1999 Introduction. Retired. Resin Fisherman Folkstone All Dressed In Fishing Outfit With Waders And His Vest. He Carries A Creel And His Fishing Pole. He Has Wings On His Back.. Limited edition collectible. Boyds Bears hand painted, cast resin figurines are sculptural interpretations of Boyds plush bears.