Home Fragrance TRUE VANILLA SCENTSTICK Natural Biodegradable Fiber Aircraft 5200

$ 18.98

Item #: 15696


Home Fragrance True Vanilla Scentsticks Home Fragrance

Height: 9.5 Inches
Material: Natural Biodegradable Fiber
Type: Home Fragrance
Brand: Home Fragrance
Item Number: Home Fragrance 5200
Catalog ID: 15696

New In Tube. Each Lasts About 30 Days. Five Sticks Per Tube. Infused Scentsticks Made Of Natural, Biodegradable Fiber From Sustainable Resources And Infused With Pure Fragrance. Display In Vase, Hide Away In Plants Or Place On Molding Over Doorways To Fill Your Room With Fragrance. Use Alone Or Combine With Another Scent To Have A Unique Fragrance All Your Own!. Conjure a mood, reflect your unique personality and welcome all who enter. Long Lasting, Elegant & Stylish Home Fragrances.