Ornaments To Remember BECKONING SANTA BIRDS Glass Cardinal Ohio Red 10R9SAN043

$ 61.98

Item #: 14190


Ornaments To Remember Beckoning Santa Birds Glass Ornament

Height: 5.5 Inches
Material: Glass
Type: Glass Ornament
Brand: Ornaments To Remember
Item Number: Ornaments To Remember 10R9SAN043
Catalog ID: 14190

New With Tag. Made In Poland. Hand Painted And Glittered. The ornament is hand-crafted using centuries old glass-blowing techniques and comes in a gift box. The ornament is hand painted by an artisan and color lacquer is applied individually, layer by layer, according to the specific design. Fun to give and fun to have, Ornaments To Remember glass ornaments will likely bring a smile, chuckle or memory.