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Perk Points Rewards

Perk Points Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Perk Points?

Any customer is eligible for participation in Perk Points Rewards.

How do I join Perk Points?

Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you don't have one, create a Perk Points Member store account to join today.

How do I earn Perk Points?

  • Create a Perk Points Member store account and earn 10 welcome perk points just for joining.
  • Sign into your Perk Points Member store account when making a purchase. Earn 1 Perk Point for every $1 you spend online at (excluding tax and shipping).
  • Perk Points are awarded the next business day or when your order is fulfilled, whichever occurs first.
  • Qualifying purchases must be made via

How do I redeem my Perk Points on an order?

  • Perk Points Rewards are issued as discount codes that can be applied on the payment page during checkout (only one discount code per order).
  • Simply log in to your account
  • Open your Perk Points account by clicking the perk points tab in the lower left corner.
  • Click "Redeem".
  • Redeem the perk points for a reward. 
  • A coupon code will be generated.
  • Copy this code.
  • Apply the perk points reward code on the payment page at checkout.
  • *Remember, only one code can be applied at checkout and you must have a $40 minimum in your cart.

Do my Perk Points expire?

Currently Perk Points earned through qualified purchases do not expire. Promotional bonus points are subject to expiration. If points are subject to expiration the expiration will be clearly highlighted within the promotional communication.

Can Perk Points be combined with other promotional offers?

No, perk point rewards cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Can I pay for my entire order in Perk Points?

Unfortunately, no. Orders where Perk Points are redeemed must have a $40 minimum to finalize the transaction.

Can two or more accounts be merged together to create one account?

Customers should select a primary account that they would like to utilize for reward Perk Point accumulation since accounts cannot be combined.

Can I get credited for past online orders?

No Perk Points cannot be credited for the qualifying online purchases made prior to enrollment into the Perk Points Rewards program.

Can I get credited for points on previous orders placed in the Cincinnati store or other marketplaces where I purchased from SBK Gifts?

Perk points are tracked by a system built into our website and are earned from orders placed using the online ordering system when logged into an account. Perk points cannot be awarded on past purchases.

Do gift card purchases count toward perk points?

Online gift card purchases will not earn perk points.

How can I track my perk points activity (points earned and redeemed)?

Your Perk Points value is always displayed in the bottom left corner when you are logged into your account.
  • Simply log in to your account
  • In the lower left hand corner, your Perk Points tab will display your current points
  • Click the Perk Points tab and a box will appear in the center of the page with all of your account information.

I'm clicking the redeem button and nothing is happening?

You may want to check your Perk Points balance.  You most likely do not have enough Perk Points available in your balance at this time to redeem a reward.  You will not be able to redeem the reward until you have enough perk points.

I accidentally redeemed a reward but didn't check out, help!

If you redeemed a reward but didn't use it, no worries! You can go back into your reward dashboard and click on "My Rewards". From here you will be able to see the rewards you have not used and copy the codes to use at checkout on the payment page. Keep in mind, each reward is a one time use.

I’m not getting points for my orders. Why?

Please make sure you are signed in at checkout to earn Perk Points for your purchase. If there is still a problem, send an email to

Who can I contact if I need further assistance with my Perk Points account?

Send an email to