Layaway Plan

SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway Plan offers an option to pay for qualifying orders over time with no interest.  Items placed on layaway are kept at our Cincinnati store until the balance is paid off in full. 

How does SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway plan work?

  • Pay over time without interest or credit checks
  • Up to 6 months to pay in full for your purchase
  • There are no fees when you pay on time
  • Pay 20% today to reserve your item and lock in the price
  • Make 5 more payments over 6 months
  • Item(s) ship after your final payment
  • Pay off early for earlier delivery
  • Layaway plan is available for orders shipped to the lower 48 contiguous United States.

Layaway Frequently Asked Questions (Last Updated 1.2.24)

  1. When is the SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway plan available?
    The SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway plan is available year-round.

  2. How do I make a purchase with Layaway?
     It's super simple! Shop the site. Add any items you wish to place on layaway in your cart. When you're finished shopping, go to checkout. Complete contact/shipping information. Next, complete your shipping preference. On the Payment page, there will be a few options. Be sure to select the MONTHLY LAYAWAY PAYMENTS option and click PAY NOW button. This submits your layaway order. Remember to call the store, 1.877.607.2356, during regular business hours to provide your credit card payment information by phone.

  3. Do you perform a credit check before I put item/s on Layaway?
    No, purchasing items on the SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway plan does not require a credit check.

  4. How are my payments calculated?
    Your Layaway payments are determined by calculating 20% of the total purchase price of your order, including tax and shipping fees, for the first payment. The first payment reserves your item and starts your Layaway plan. The remaining balance after the first payment is divided into 5 equal payments. These 5 equal payments are the monthly payment charged on the 15th of each month.


    You place 3 items in layaway on July 5th.  The total amount of the merchandise in layaway is $200.

     DEPOSIT  July 5  $40.00
     PAYMENT 1  August 15  $32.00
     PAYMENT 2  September 15  $32.00
     PAYMENT 3  October 15  $32.00
     PAYMENT 4  November 15  $32.00
     PAYMENT 5  December 15  $32.00


  5. What are the terms and conditions of SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway plan?
    TERM: 6 months from the start date of your layaway
    DEPOSIT: 20% down is due at the time you put your merchandise in layaway
    MINIMUM PURCHASE: A minimum of $100 total in merchandise is required to start a layaway
    PAYMENTS: A minimum payment of 20% of your balance is automatically billed on the 15th of each month to the layaway payment credit card on file. When your layaway is paid in full, the item/s are shipped.
    LATE PAYMENTS: A 5% late payment fee of the total amount due will be charged for overdue, late or declined payments.

  6. Can I change my monthly payment date?
    Your deposit is due within 72 hours of creating your layaway.  Monthly payments are automatically charged to your credit card on file on the 15th of the month. The monthly payment date cannot be changed.

  7. Is Layaway available to all SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids purchases / orders? 
    SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway plan is available for orders shipped to the lower 48 contiguous United States or picked up locally in our Cincinnati retail store. Layaway is currently not available for orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or outside of the US.

  8. Can I have more than 1 layaway at a time?
    Yes, you may have multiple layaways. Each layaway is subject to the terms and conditions of the SBK Gifts layaway plan.

  9. What happens if I miss a scheduled payment?
    If payment fails, SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids will notify you via email of the unsuccessful payment attempt. If payment is not received within 7 days of email notification, we will assess a 5% late payment fee on the remaining balance. In the unlikely event two scheduled payments are missed, SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids reserve the right to terminate the layaway and will issue a refund for monies paid in the form of a store credit.

  10. Do you report to a credit agency if I miss or am late with a Layaway payment?

  11. Can I change or cancel my layaway plan?
    Once your Layaway order is placed, you cannot change, exchange, remove, add,  or cancel the layaway or items on the layaway.

  12. Can I extend my Amazon Layaway plan?
    No, all Layaway orders must be paid in full within the 6 month Layaway period.

  13. What if the price changes on my product while I am paying it off?
    The price at which you reserved the item is locked for the duration of your Layaway plan.

  14. Can I pay off my Layaway plan early?
    Yes. At any point you can pay the remaining balance by contacting the store by phone and requesting for the remaining balance to be charged in full. Once the balance is paid in full, your order will be shipped.

  15. Is SBK Gifts / Story Book Kids Layaway really free?
    Yes. There are no interest charges and no fees when you pay on time for using this payment option.

  16. I have a question that is not answered about layaways. 
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