Christopher Radko Glass Ornaments Spotlight

Christopher Radko Glass Ornaments Spotlight

Christopher Radko has captured the delight of customers and glass Christmas ornament collectors with his beautifully handcrafted European glass Christmas ornaments since 1986. The story of Christopher Radko ornaments began when the family’s Christmas tree came crashing down, breaking over 1,000 vintage, mouth-blown glass ornaments his family had collected over the years.  Unable to replace many of the broken, cherished glass holiday ornaments, Christopher Radko decided to re-create the European glass Christmas ornaments.  Working with glass blower artisans from cottage factories, Christopher began to re-create the vintage polish Christmas ornaments, German Christmas ornaments and Italian Christmas ornaments. Thus began the creation of Christopher Radko Ornaments.

Now widely recognized, Christopher Radko is considered one of the revival artists that re-ignited the passion in collecting unique and designer Christmas ornaments.  Since 1986, a new collection has been introduced each year.  Introductions include new designs in the core glass Christmas ornaments, beautiful Radko tree topper finials and annual Christmas ornament collections for charity including breast cancer and children's causes. All Christopher Radko ornaments are only available for a limited time. Every year in November, it is decided which Radko glass ornaments in the current line will retire. This means that these glass ornaments are no longer in production.

From the beginning, each remarkable Christopher Radko glass ornament has been meticulously crafted by hand, using methods that date back to the Renaissance era. Then entire process takes 7 days for just a single glass ornament. The delicate detail on each glass ornament is hand-painted and hand-glittered to complete the Christopher Radko ornament.  The mix of spectacular colors and unique shapes are perfect for adding shine to your holiday while reminiscing over your childhood holiday memories. Whether you are just discovering Christopher Radko ornaments for the first time or you have been a collector for years, these works of art become treasured heirlooms to be enjoyed by you and others for generations to come.

Shop our collection of current Christopher Radko ornaments and retired Radko ornaments online or stop by and visit our Year-Round retail Gift & Christmas Shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.  SBK Gifts is an authorized, Christopher Radko Starlight store. This distinction is given selectively by Radko to stores that demonstrate in depth knowledge and expertise in the Christopher Radko brand and offer a superior selection of Radko current ornaments collection and Radko retired ornaments.


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